About tSSi

tSSi not-profit outfit.

We are a Non-Governmental Organization that is dedicated to improving humanity and making the world a better place. Our main goal at The SixthSense Initiative (tSSi) is to contribute to human capital development and idea exchange through a push for paradigm shift towards positive thinking and new national orientation of volunteering, particularly in children and youngsters.

This society is ours, made perfect from creation but for our imperfect maladministration and misrule that has upturned the processes and brought us to where we are today. We are the humans around, the administrators and the overseers, and here we are face to face with the ugly results of our actions and inactions.

As apostles of change, we believe that social re-engineering and total re-orientation, The SixthSense Initiative targets to re-organise our mindsets and put us into a positive stead. Nothing is total but we can build up the standard of normalcy, set acceptable moral standards, in such a way to accommodate all within a system that works for our own society’s advancement.

It is a known fact that we are derided by the developed world to a point that it is stated: "hide a substance in a book, and an African won't find it because they don't read." What an insult!

We are proposing the use of educational programmes with literary works and beneficial enlightenment campaigns.

However, we have a six-step approach which is: