Volunteering Vanguards (VV)

meeting organization and community development needs using your talents, skills, and making the most productive use of your time

SixthSense Initiative Volunteer Vanguards (VV) is dedicated to developing, encouraging and promoting volunteerism and its tenets for the purpose of nation-building.

VV seeks to incorporate a whole range of skills that strengthens project operations of organisations by utilising the skills, experiences, talents and education of volunteers and matching them with the needs of organizations and communities.

Our Model

Service for Organisations
This will have increased capacity to deliver on planned interventions in the country, help organization execute projects with limited resources and increased development in communities.
Employment Pathway
This will deliver a platform for young people to experience real-life project, use their talents to sharpen and develop new skills making them employable.
Social Networking
This will foster healthy relationships among volunteers and increase their social networking with people driven by a common purpose.

Volunteering Vanguards for Individuals

Opportunities exist for you to use your skills, talents and knowledge to influence change in communities and organisation. You will be able to choose between using your skills, talents and knowledge to work individually or in teams and take on long or short term projects.

Volunteering Vanguards for Organisation

Our Volunteering Vanguards have a pool of talents, skilled and knowledgeable individuals with a selfless drive to make impact in organisations and communities. Our volunteers can help you execute both long and short term projects of your organisation across the country.